Version 0.2 release

Version 0.2 of P:RP’s script comes with the following features added:

* [!] Added /houseint and /bizint for level3+ admins.
* [!] Fixed bugs with /phone(/h, animation not stopping)
* [!] Added /makeadmin.
* [!] Aliases for /ah, /aduty
* [!] Fixed house interior 14’s falling bug.
* [!] Fixed a property ID bug.
* [!] Added /eng as an alias of /engine.
* [!] Added /eat.
* [!] Moved spawnpoint to LV.
* [!] Implemented assistance system for players to ask for help.
* [AESTH.] Did a visual enhancement to all server messages to make them look more eye-satisfying. (error,login etc.)

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